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February 22, 2013

Dear Sweet Child... {warning: this may tug at your heart strings}

I had an unexpected visit from a good friend.  We talked about alot of things.  When we get together, I am amazed at how much we talk about and at how much we just don't shut up.  It's like we are so excited to be together, well, I know I am.  I enjoy her visits, even if they are far and few between, I mean, on the "one of one" type sense.  We do get together quite often in the presence of mutual friends, but one on one, it's extra special.

One of the things we were talking about was grief and how we sometimes use art as a way of healing.  We went into some pretty DEEP conversation (if you know me well, you know I LOVE that!), but I can't get into that right now, other than there was a time of grief that she drew, but no longer does.  Anyhow,  I recently made a bracelet and posted it on Facebook and asked her if she would be interested in helping me make some.  Cause yes, I am anticipating selling many (hey, I have to have a goal in mind ya know).  She sounded interested and said she would think about it.  So we went on to talk about our million and one other topics, then I ask her if she has ever done art journaling, she thought for a bit, then I asked her if she liked Mixed media, and she didn't have a clue what I was talking about.  Can you see a pattern here?  Yup, I'm trying my best to reel her into the world of us crazy artsy people, but I am failing.  So I thought, uhmm I'm gonna try one more thing.  So I asked her if she ever scrapbooked and she told me about her sister doing it but that it didn't intrigue her much.  I failed.. oh well, what's a girl to do?  Yup, you got it, try onnnnneee more thing.  Can you tell another pattern here? hahaha.  So, I showed her a page that I had scrapbooked last November at a scrapbooking retreat I attended.  Here it is.  It's me.

Now you wonder what's written in that little note....Well first I want you to picture yourself in this layout, and you write yourself a note like this:

"Dear sweetest child,

You will grow up to be a beautiful child with a heart of gold.  You will be faced with many challenges and they will teach you how strong you are.  You will have days where doubt will set in, but you will never lose hope.  You will be blessed with many wonderful caring people who will truly love you.  Enjoy your beautiful life little one."

So I have these moments that "I'm smarter" (that I usually am..lol)... yes I know that sounds strange, but only a handful of people know what I mean when I say that.  Anyways (sorry if you know me, I sometimes ramble too)... So, I asked my friend, if she has written a letter to her child.  And she tells me no.  So then I go on to say, why don't you write him a letter (he's only 10), and tell him what you wish for him, or whatever you need to say.  But don't give it to him.  And imagine if you keep writting him letters over the years, and as he grows older, you give them to him.  Perhaps the day before he gets married.  Imagine this grown man then writing you a Dear Mom letter and reads it in front of everyone at his wedding.

p.s. do you feel that thug in your heart right now?  GOOD !!!  And if you don't, I have no clue what to say about that.

Soooo.....can you believe that my friend AND my husband both started to tear?  They felt that thump!

Yes, I have those moments....  Where not only my heart tugs, but it pulls at others hearts.  That my friend is what humanity is all about.  I LOVE IT!  I ABSOLUTELY FRAGILISTICALLY LOVE IT!  IT'S WHAT MAKES ME WANT TO BREATHE, TO LIVE.  Connecting with people on a level that so many of us tend to ignore, or fear, for whatever legitimate reasons we may have. IT FEELS SO GOOD!  I hope you know how good it feels too.