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July 16, 2014

New beginnings?

Well hello, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?  

Lots has happened this past year, unfortunately not much on the creative side of things, (well the type of hands on dirty messy paint all over my hands and dabbling into my many other artsy things with a huge smile on my face), hence why not too many posts.

But that is about to change!  hey I figure if I put it in writting, I have an obligation to commit. Right? ;)

So why I haven't created?  

..... the year started off with my back being out for 33 days.  Trust me, that's a long time to not be able to do much. But on the positive, it gave me lots of time to think.
..... A childhood boyfriend was murdered in January and it affected me greatly.
..... I joined the gym in February which took up most of my time and energy.
..... In April, a very sweet friend who I met in the scrapbooking industry was murdered.  And to be frank, this is one of the main reasons why I haven't created much, because every time I go sit at my art table, I find something that reminds me of her, then my creative brain blanks out and I walk away.  I know she would rather I create, so I will....very soon.
..... Then home renovations started in May.  For some reason it meant that the whole house had to be in dis-order.
..... And well, my room doesn't inspire me the way it is right now.  So I will definetly work on that!

My hubby and I had talked about organizing our home this year.  Going through everything, getting rid of stuff, etc...but we both had difficulties just even starting anything.  But let me tell you, with our kitchen renovations almost done, we have a new found appreciation that it’s absolutely necessary to have the right tools (be it furniture etc) to get organized. 

Soooooo….. I finally put my foot down (no that doesn’t really happen…honestly) and hubby picked up 2 IKEA expedit (Kallax) shelving units yesterday and quickly put them together.  So now another mess has begun.  BEWARE the following pic…it’s a shocker (hubby moved everything everywhere to make room for the shelves) so it really doesn't look like this every day.

And then last night, just as he was finishing up putting together the shelving, he dropped one unit on both of his feet!!  So much for putting my foot down...pun intended.  All 150 lbs of that unit fell on his feet!  I didn’t think it was that serious cause he didn’t scream!  But with instant swelling larger than a golf ball and colour was setting in, I knew it was serious.  My first thought was to go to emergency and then panic set in -->  we were going to be 2 people in the house with mobility issues!  What a scary thought!  Ok so I calmed down and he let me take care of him (this is rare) and the swelling has gone down quite a bit. So over the next few days we’ll see.  So now I feel like I owe it to him to finally get this done, once and for all.  If you know me well, you know that I have re-organized this room a few times. 

(So here's his feet this morning).  DH you are such a great support at whatever I do. Thank you!

And this morning in bed, I viewed an awesome Motivational Speech by Jim Carrey  I’m not a big fan of him as an actor, but as a motivational speaker, he’s hit a few nails on the head.  And this gave me more ammunition to get my room organized and to begin creating again.  Oh and this also means that my sewing room will get done as well as it was used as our temporary kitchen during renovations.  Take the time to watch this and pass it on, especially to your kids.
...........So back to re-organizing I go!

What do you do to try to incorporate doing what you love in your busy day to day routine?

I need to come up with a flexible schedule that incorporates my exercise routine and creative time, while still having time to socialize and clean house.  Not many hours in the day where I am energetic and productive so it’s going to be a challenge.

Hope you are having a creative day!

February 22, 2013

Dear Sweet Child... {warning: this may tug at your heart strings}

I had an unexpected visit from a good friend.  We talked about alot of things.  When we get together, I am amazed at how much we talk about and at how much we just don't shut up.  It's like we are so excited to be together, well, I know I am.  I enjoy her visits, even if they are far and few between, I mean, on the "one of one" type sense.  We do get together quite often in the presence of mutual friends, but one on one, it's extra special.

One of the things we were talking about was grief and how we sometimes use art as a way of healing.  We went into some pretty DEEP conversation (if you know me well, you know I LOVE that!), but I can't get into that right now, other than there was a time of grief that she drew, but no longer does.  Anyhow,  I recently made a bracelet and posted it on Facebook and asked her if she would be interested in helping me make some.  Cause yes, I am anticipating selling many (hey, I have to have a goal in mind ya know).  She sounded interested and said she would think about it.  So we went on to talk about our million and one other topics, then I ask her if she has ever done art journaling, she thought for a bit, then I asked her if she liked Mixed media, and she didn't have a clue what I was talking about.  Can you see a pattern here?  Yup, I'm trying my best to reel her into the world of us crazy artsy people, but I am failing.  So I thought, uhmm I'm gonna try one more thing.  So I asked her if she ever scrapbooked and she told me about her sister doing it but that it didn't intrigue her much.  I failed.. oh well, what's a girl to do?  Yup, you got it, try onnnnneee more thing.  Can you tell another pattern here? hahaha.  So, I showed her a page that I had scrapbooked last November at a scrapbooking retreat I attended.  Here it is.  It's me.

Now you wonder what's written in that little note....Well first I want you to picture yourself in this layout, and you write yourself a note like this:

"Dear sweetest child,

You will grow up to be a beautiful child with a heart of gold.  You will be faced with many challenges and they will teach you how strong you are.  You will have days where doubt will set in, but you will never lose hope.  You will be blessed with many wonderful caring people who will truly love you.  Enjoy your beautiful life little one."

So I have these moments that "I'm smarter" (that I usually am..lol)... yes I know that sounds strange, but only a handful of people know what I mean when I say that.  Anyways (sorry if you know me, I sometimes ramble too)... So, I asked my friend, if she has written a letter to her child.  And she tells me no.  So then I go on to say, why don't you write him a letter (he's only 10), and tell him what you wish for him, or whatever you need to say.  But don't give it to him.  And imagine if you keep writting him letters over the years, and as he grows older, you give them to him.  Perhaps the day before he gets married.  Imagine this grown man then writing you a Dear Mom letter and reads it in front of everyone at his wedding.

p.s. do you feel that thug in your heart right now?  GOOD !!!  And if you don't, I have no clue what to say about that.

Soooo.....can you believe that my friend AND my husband both started to tear?  They felt that thump!

Yes, I have those moments....  Where not only my heart tugs, but it pulls at others hearts.  That my friend is what humanity is all about.  I LOVE IT!  I ABSOLUTELY FRAGILISTICALLY LOVE IT!  IT'S WHAT MAKES ME WANT TO BREATHE, TO LIVE.  Connecting with people on a level that so many of us tend to ignore, or fear, for whatever legitimate reasons we may have. IT FEELS SO GOOD!  I hope you know how good it feels too.

August 25, 2012

Blog Hop

Welcome!  Hope you are having F-U-N !  I am next in line for Gabry Road's Blog Hop.  

So here are some samples of some of my latest creations.  I'm really having fun making these upcycled TOTES.  {more to come in my boutique}

I also create Travel Jewelry Organizers.  {feedback received "you were right, my jewelry didn't get tangled when I went to Mexico!"}

and Business Card/Credit Card Holders:

eReader / Blackberry / Ipad cases:

Covers for your Cricut Machines:

And Cards for all occasions:

And soon I will be posting my Jewelry...

...and Winter Mitts.... yup, it's almost that time of year.....brrrrr

So as you can see, I do a little bit 'o 'dis and a 'lil bit o' dat ;)  Hope you enjoyed viewing my posts.  And if you want to see more of what I create, check out my JodyJoGirl boutique on Gabry Road. 

It’s a fabulous Canadian Handmade Marketplace.

Also take a moment to "Like" my Facebook page too. Much appreciated :)

...........Now on to the next hop!  Visit Shannon at Art Freckles!

Have a fantastic weekend! And thanks for dropping by!