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November 11, 2010

Peace..not War

I am always sad on this day... I cry so much.  I hurt for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives, who lost their lives, and who are living today re-living the hell.  And I hurt for their families.  I cry for the little kids who don't get to see their mommy & daddy cause they went to heaven.  I cry for the spouse who never gets to grow old with their loved one... and I cry for everyone who is so touched by all of this.

I am also so thankful to have been given the priveledge to work with many peacekeepers who have gone on international missions to make other countries a better place to live.  I am grateful to family and friends who continue to work with veterans & their families, and to our soldiers & families, and to those who work in policing as well.  I SALUTE YOU!

R.I.P. To Uncle Frank Ames (Korean War), Uncle Harry MacCoy (Korean War), to C/Supt Doug Coates who died during the Haiti earthquake while commanding an UN Mission - you were an awesome boss!  R.I.P. to Martin Goudreault from my hometown who died this year. ...just to name a few.

Today, I realized that I grew, as when I cried, I also felt an overwhelming sense of relief & joy.   I am so grateful to life and to live in such a beautiful country. OH CANADA!

Uncle Harry MacCoy

C/Supt Doug Coates funeral

C/Supt Doug Coates - R.I.P.
Sometimes we are at war with our own selves. Making peace with that part of ourselves is a huge step towards peace.  It is worth it to travel to whatever lengths you need to go to feel peace. Sometimes its in front of you, sometimes you have to make really tough choices or go to great lengths to feel at peace.  Whatever it takes, it is worth it.  Always go where their ispeace, especially the peace within your heart.  May there be peace within you.

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