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March 9, 2011

No more ERR

Have you struggled with weight loss?  Well I have!  At one point in my life, I had lost 120 lbs and I felt great.  I considered myself very fit, went to the gym 6 days a week, biked 20 kms every 2nd day, loved it.  Had the weight off for about 2 years, then bam, my life changed in the spam of a couple minutes.  That was 6 1/2 years ago.  Since then I had gained all the weight back and more.  No matter what I did, no matter what diet I followed, my body wasn't responding.  I guess it needed to heal from that horrible accident. 

Last August, I decided to try that same diet again.  I admit, I cheated a few times going out for lunch with friends, at Christmas and then on our trip, I didn't go to the extreme, but cheating is cheating.  Since last August, I haven't been able to weigh myself cause my digital scale read "ERR" .. yes, for ERROR.

But then this morning, I got on it and was blown away !!!  You don't know how much of a relief to finally see that ERR gone!!!  I think I will take a picture of myself today and post the ones from earlier on as well.

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