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January 31, 2011

C/Supt Doug Coates - R.I.P.

A scrapbooking layout based on sketch #138 from Creative Scrappers.  I am still fiddling with my new camera, so I apologize for the bad quality. 

C/Supt Coates was my boss when I worked in International Peacekeeping Branch at the RCMP a couple years ago.  He died in the Haiti earthquake last year and this sketch inspired me for this layout.  The colours Red, Blue and Gold are the RCMP Colours. I actually made the mixed media title "Fighting for the world" several years ago for a canvas I was planning on creating, but never did - thought it was fitting for this layout as well.  And while I was on the Dominican Island last week (same as Haiti for those who don't know and just a year after the Haiti earthquake), I grabbed some sand from there and placed it on the star beside the title.  May he rest in peace.

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